Javascript - Destructuring

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What is Destructuring?

Destructuring is an ES6 feature and it's basically a way of unpacking values from an array or an object into separate values. So in other words destructuring is to break a complex data structure down into a smaller data structure like a variable.

For arrays we use destructuring to retrieve elements from the array and store them into variables in a very easy way.

Destructuring an array

const arr = [2, 3, 4];
const [a, b, c] = arr;
console.log(a, b, c); // 2 3 4

Object used in examples below

const restaurant = {
  name: "Classico Italiano",
  location: "Via Angelo Tavanti 23, Firenze, Italy",
  categories: ["Italian", "Pizzeria", "Vegetarian", "Organic"],
  starterMenu: ["Focaccia", "Bruschetta", "Garlic Bread", "Caprese Salad"],
  mainMenu: ["Pizza", "Pasta", "Risotto"],

  // Method that returns an array
  order: function(starterIndex, mainIndex) {
    return [this.starterMenu[starterIndex], this.mainMenu[mainIndex]];

Taking just the first two elements of the array

let [first, second] = restaurant.categories;
console.log(first, second); // Italian Pizzeria

Switching variables using destructuring

[second, first] = [first, second];
console.log(first, second); // Pizzeria Italian

Skiping an element

const [_first, , _second] = restaurant.categories;
console.log(_first, _second); // Italian Vegetarian

Receiving two return values from a function and destructuring to two variables

const [starter, main] = restaurant.order(2, 0);
console.log(starter, main); // Garlic Bread Pizza

Destructuring nested arrays - an array inside an array

const nested = [2, 4, [5, 6]];
const [first_, , third] = nested;
console.log(first_, third); // 2 [5, 6]

Nested destructuring - destructuring inside of destructuring to take all individual values from a nested array as separate variables

const [x, , [y, z]] = nested;
console.log(x, y, z); // 2 5 6

Setting default values for the variables on destructuring

const [p = 1, q = 1, r = 1] = [7, 8];
console.log(p, q, r); // 7 8 1