Javascript - Sets

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Sets - a new data structure added in ES6

  • A collection of a unique values
  • No key values
  • Iterable
  • The order is irrelevant

Creating a new Set

const orderSet = new Set(["Pasta", "Pizza", "Pizza"]);
console.log(orderSet); // Set(2) {'Pasta', 'Pizza'}

Getting the size

console.log(orderSet.size); // 2

Checking if the element is in the Set

console.log(orderSet.has("Pizza")); // true

Adding new elements

orderSet.add("Garlic Bread");
console.log(orderSet); // Set(3) {'Pasta', 'Pizza', 'Garlic Bread'}

Deleting a element

console.log(orderSet); // Set(2) {'Pizza', 'Garlic Bread'}

Deleting all elements

console.log(orderSet); // Set(0) {size: 0}

Loop over a Set

for (const order of orderSet) console.log(order);
// Pizza
// Garlic Bread

Removing the duplicated elements from a array using Set

const staff = ["Waiter", "Chef", "Waiter", "Manager", "Chef"];
let staffUnique = new Set(staff);
console.log(staffUnique); // Set(3) {'Waiter', 'Chef', 'Manager'}

Converting Set to an array using spread operator

staffUnique = [ Set(staff)];
console.log(staffUnique); // (3) ['Waiter', 'Chef', 'Manager']